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drug charges

If you’re facing drug charges, you need an experienced drug lawyer like Jonathan K. Miller. He has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. He has defended cases ranging from simple possession to distribution.

Drug charges are a very serious matter that can affect your job, your security clearance and your future job prospects. If you are a student, you could lose eligibility for student loans, or be expelled from school. That’s why you need the professional assistance of a drug defense Attorney like Attorney Miller. If it’s your first offense, chances are good that Attorney Miller can help you avoid jail time. With prison overcrowding being a serious problem, if you’re a repeat offender, hiring an experienced attorney may help you avoid mandatory minimum prison sentences. Negotiating a plea agreement with prosecutors can keep you out of prison. You owe it to yourself to consult with Attorney Jonathan K. Miller. He will work tirelessly to help you keep your freedom.

At PenMar Law, LLC, we represent Maryland and Pennsylvania residents who have been charged with:

  • Drug possession of any illegal drug (cocaine, marijuana, crack, methamphetamine or others) or controlled substance (Oxycontin, for example)
  • Drug possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking and/or distribution
  • Drug manufacturing (meth lab) or the “growing of marijuana plants”

Contact Attorney Jonathan K. Miller at PenMar Law, LLC if you’ve been charged with a drug offense. Call 443-504-5974 or 410-452-5500 for a free one-half hour consultation today.