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Criminal Defense lawyer Jonathan K. Miller has successfully represented clients charged with criminal offense(s), traffic violation(s) or DWI/DUI for over 25 years in courts throughout Southeast Pennsylvania and Maryland. In the event you are charged with a criminal offense, traffic violation or DWI, it is important to find an experienced criminal lawyer to represent you. A criminal or traffic conviction could lead to jail time, fines, license suspension, probation and community service. Often there are also collateral consequences such as loss of employment.

Attorney Miller is a former Baltimore City Police Sergeant. He headed the legal department at the Baltimore City Police Academy where he instructed recruits and in-service personnel. For over five years, he also represented members of the Maryland Troopers Association (MTA) facing a variety of administrative charges.

His Practice Emphasis areas include:

  • Traffic Whether you face charges because of an accident or a traffic ticket, Mr. Miller is the traffic lawyer you want by your side as you walk through the courtroom doors.
  • DUI/DWI If you’ve been charged with DUI or DWI, you need a criminal defense attorney experienced in these kinds of cases. Attorney Jonathan K. Miller has what it takes to defend you in your DUI/DWI driving case.
  • Criminal Offenses including Drug Charges If you’re arrested on a criminal offense including drug charges, it’s important to retain a criminal lawyer right away. Jonathan K. Miller is an experienced drug defense attorney who will review your case and help you navigate the court system for the best possible result.


Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan K. Miller at PenMar, LLC in the event you find yourself charged with a criminal, traffic, DUI/DWI or drug offense. You may stop by our office at any time, but to schedule a free one-half hour consultation call 443-504-5974 or 410-452-5500.